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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when mental health therapy is needed for myself/my child?

This is a great question! Looking at the data from NAMI, you can see that the average person will wait 8-10 years from onset of mental health symptoms to when they finally seek treatment or support! 


Please see the “When to Get Help” on the home page to explore if you or your child may be a fit for counseling. 


If you are still unsure if your child is in need of treatment services, an adult caregiver is welcomed to schedule a parent/caregiver consult in order to discuss what service is best for your situation. 


What type of counseling should I seek for myself or my child? 

It is best to meet with a counselor who has experience and training in what is called an “evidenced based” model (ex: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Dialectical Behavioral therapy) but it is also important to seek counseling from a professional who has experience in the areas you or your child may be struggling. If it is unclear what a therapist may be experienced in addressing, it may be helpful to call or message the provider or agency to inquire about the provider’s expertise.


Will Sole 2 Soul provide support for me as a parent if my child is in counseling?

Yes! It is ideal that if a child or teen is receiving counseling services that their caregivers are involved so they can not only be a support but also because it can be difficult to know how best to communicate or respond to your child/teen when they are struggling with a mental health condition. Not all kids/teens involved in therapy require family therapy sessions but some parent involvement is typical.


Some teens will request less parent involvement depending on the situation and the personalities or history within the family. Certainly teens wanting privacy and some independence is normal, expected and is encouraged to help the teen feel respected. However, even the most independent teens need parent or other adult support for achieving ultimate results in treatment.


Parent involvement is typically discussed throughout treatment. 

Will the counselor work with my child's school or physician(s) to coordinate care?

Sole 2 Soul is an agency that supports a systems approach to wellness. Parents, schools, physicians and counselors cannot alone provide all a child needs if he/she has a mental health condition. With consent from the parent/legal representative or teen at age 14+ years, your Sole 2 Soul counselor will coordinate care with other significant supports or problem solvers for the child. Each situation is unique and therefore any members of the "care team" would be discussed in the counseling session.


Can I choose to pay out of pocket for counseling instead of using my insurance? 

Yes, Sole 2 Soul offers the option to use your insurance if it is in-network or you are able to self-pay directly to Sole 2 Soul without applying your insurance benefits. Depending on your insurance plan, it may be less expensive to chose the self-pay option, however, the paid amount will not contribute towards your insurance deductible. 

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