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Professional Consultation

In the Classroom

The extent of service provided on-site at a school varies depending on need. It is primarily intended for educators working with students with mental health or behavioral challenges but could also be applied to other professionals working with youth in the community.


  • Assist in the everyday application of mental health approaches in classrooms for educators, linking learnings in school district trainings to everyday life in the classroom.


  • Provide peer support and professional guidance to educators working with students with mental health/behavioral challenges.

  • Provide assistance in the development of mental health aware school processes to increase student/parent engagement


  • Provide general behavioral assessment, insight and guidance after classroom observation, this service is helpful for professionals (teachers/paras) who are working in self-contained special education classrooms or have inclusive classrooms in which students with more significant mental health or behavioral health challenges are needing mental health informed approaches for school success.

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